Thursday, May 19th

Workshops on Wednesday, May 18th

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See highlights of the Spatial Data Science Conference 2022 in NYC. The largest event for Data Science, GIS & Analytics professionals.

This year we gathered Data Science, Advanced Analytics & GIS experts from across the globe, to bring together a host of businesses and organizations asking important location-based questions: about our cities; for commercial impact; and most importantly, for sustainability.


Opening Keynote


Javier de la Torre
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Thusal Bennett
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Panel – Location Data in Retail & Real Estate: Delivering an ROI Through Analytics


Natasha Patel, Clifford McDowell, Kannappan Sirchabesan
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Panel – Going Places: Location Intelligence for Transport and Logistics


Helen McKenzie, Jesús Nieto Martin, Jeroen Brouwer, Ricardo Herranz
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Get hands on with spatial modeling workshops

Whether you're more interested in Spatial SQL, Python or R, we'll be holding interactive sessions on May 18th so that you can learn from industry specialists.

Location Intelligence for First/Last Mile Delivery Analytics

Helen Mckenzie, Geospatial Advocate at CARTO

Exploring the Real Estate Market Using Spatial Data Science

Gladys Kenyon, PhD student in Urban Analytics at University of Liverpool & Juan Ramón Selva Royo, Spatial Data Scientist at idealista

Powering Cloud-based Spatial Analytics for Retail with CARTO

Miguel Álvarez, Lead Data Scientist at CARTO

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The Spatial Data Science Conference has been running since 2017. Our conferences and bootcamps have brought together thousands of people across the globe to discuss Spatial Data Science use cases, showcasing some of the best stories from a wide range of industries and countries.